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At Grupo Alapont we solve accessibility, mobility, logistics, and thermodynamic problems, with quality, safe and innovative solutions, from closeness and anticipation, with a great vocation for service.



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Alapont Group companies

Our evolution

Logistics solutions and loading docks

At Alapont Soluciones Logísticos we detect needs, design, manufacture and maintain logistics equipment focused on quality and service anywhere in the world.

Company specialized in the manufacture dock levellers and accessories that accompany the loading and unloading area such as industrial doors or insulating shelters, among others. National and international distribution through a wide network of distributors and installers. Installation, maintenance, after-sales service and technical assistance. Personalized treatment with clients to find the best solution to their problems in the logistics area.

Industrial and refrigerator doors

At Kavidoors we design, manufacture, and provide services for industrial doors, which solve thermodynamic and sanitary hygiene problems.

Specialists in the field of insulation and cold storage doors. Manufacture of doors for the food, logistics, hospital and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to a wide network of distributors and installers, Kavidoors is present both nationally and internationally.

Electric home lift

At SHE-Elevator, we design and manufacture safe, beautiful and ergonomic home lifts, to be installed anywhere in the world. In addition, we provide a service for the sale of spare parts for multi-brand elevators and stairs.

SHE-Elevator is a young company with more than 60 years of experience in the lifting sector. Manufacture and distribution of SHE-Elevator, the electric home lift that revolutionizes the world of lifting with an innovative and ergonomic design. Architects, interior designers and elevator operators, due to the benefits of the SHE and the after-sales service, end up delighted when their customers are satisfied. National and international distribution.

Installation and maintenance of elevators

At Ascensores Alapont, we install and maintain elevators and platforms in the Valencian Community, fairly aligning the needs of the client, the supplier, the worker and the company. 

Elevator company specialized in the installation and maintenance of elevators and escalators in the Valencian Community. Accessibility solutions in homes, private houses and public buildings eliminating architectural barriers. Currently, we are leaders in elevator maintenance in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante.

Logistics solutions France

ASL France distributes in the French market the products manufactured by Alapont Logistics Solutions in Spain. Personalized treatment with clients to offer the best product to solve their problems in the logistics area.

Spare parts for stairs and elevators

At Alapont France we sell spare parts for multi-brand stairs and elevators and single-family elevators to the professional sector in French-speaking countries.

Specialists in the sale of spare parts for escalators and multi-brand elevators.
Sale and distribution of all kinds of spare parts for escalators and elevators in the professional sector.
Sale and distribution of the SHE-Elevator single-family elevator to the professional sector in France and French-speaking countries.

logo alapont global chile

Solutions for the cargo area and cooling

Alapont Global Chile is the distributor in the Chilean market of the products manufactured by Alapont Soluciones Logísticos and Kavidoors.

As a result of the merger between the two companies, Alapont Global was born, being the only group that has comprehensive solutions for refrigerated warehouses and logistics centers.